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Ingrid Manuela Lenzeder

I was born in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria and grew up in Schwanenstadt, where I also live at the moment.
Currently I am studying for my Master‘s degree in „Supervision & Coaching“ at the Danube University Krems, and I work in Altmünster am Traunsee.

Durring my life I developed the passion to accompany people who want to change and achieve something in their lives...visions are my driving force.

General and professional education


Currently studying for my master's degree in "Supervision & Coaching" at the Danube University Krems

Systemic trauma educator and trauma-centered counselor (DeGPT, BAG)

Conferences on the topic "System Sprenger" - "Preventing System Sprenger" - German Institute of Urban Affairs

Congress "Trauma-related disorders and personality in childhood and adolescence" - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Innsbruck

"Children of mentally ill parents: risk and resilience" - University of Applied Sciences Linz

"Crisis and trauma counselor" - Sigmund Freud Private University

Leadership development - Management Center Vorarlberg

"Conflict Resolution" - SOS Children's Village

Sex pedagogue - College for Family Pedagogy

Master's degree in education - Paris-Lodron University, Salzburg Bachelor studies of pedagogy - Paris-Lodron University, Salzburg

Bachelorstudium der Pädagogik – Paris-Lodron Universität, Salzburg

Social Pedagogical Diagnoses I and II (Child and Youth Welfare Upper Austria)

In the course of my education and training I have attended and completed additional workshops and advanced trainings.


Working experience


From 2006 to 2024, I worked for an international organisation that looks after children in out-of-home care. I was responsible for pedagogical management and was in charge of several teams. During my professional career, I specialised in biography and trauma work, particularly in the transgenerational transmission of trauma.

Since this year, in addition to my supervision practice, I have also dedicated myself to my new role as managing director of a women's refuge.




Main focus


Conflict and crisis management | organizational development | casework | biography work | burnout prophylaxis | team development and team building

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